Sooo many story’s to tell and sooo little time to tell them all!! I have picked my genre and I love love love it, but I have this other story trying to barge its way rudely in. What should I do?! Dual write I declared….well it certainly sounded good at the time. Maybe it’s just me but I highly suspect other authors out there suffer my “I can”t sleep because I close my eyes and begin writing a book!” problem. Any ideas on coping with this issue because that “I’ll just┬ájot it down for a potential later story” isn’t working toward getting more sleep lol. Honestly I had not foreseen this particular detail when I picked up my dusty writing dream up and made it my new career in progress. I think I will continue dual writing, but putting more effort into my first genre love. Any/all advice/suggestions on maintaining story ideas and getting some sleep would be great feel free and post away my friends!!!!