I took some time to edit and rewrite this short story and I invite you to read this in its newness 🙂


The Cottage Proposal

Lord David Redman, the Earl of Redman Manor stood at his study window watching his daughter canter up on one of her many prized horses. He loved her as only a devoted father could love their daughter, but Elisa was a hoyden child. Her hair was a long lovely shade of silver blonde, her eyes a fantastic sharp baby blue, with high aristocratic cheekbones, and full pink lips. She was beautiful, just as her mother had been. Even as fair as she looked, his daughter was nothing short of a handful. She was always speaking her mind and running off to her precious stables. Never was she found sitting nice and ladylike in a parlor at tea time. He was truly at his wit’s end on handling this child of his! His late wife had been so kind and very sweet, a real people pleasing person. When their daughter…

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