Over the years my husband and I have stressed out, we all do. With my son sometimes just going to the store can be very stressful! In the past my husband has carried our son when we were out, but he’s 12y old now so that just isn’t happening anymore. We have things on hand for his sensory issues like special objects to squeeze or chew on. Sometimes nothing helps our son and we are forced to remain home or one of us sit out in the car. I never thought about finding something to carry our ambulatory son around in, but man I am seriously glad we did! A stroller, how simple can that be. Now we can go anywhere and have zero behaviors. No more flopping to the ground like a boned fish and screaming until we kart him back to the car. We have gone on a picnic, a McDonalds play area, and even the zoo thanks to that very handy stroller.

Its considered adaptive equipment for an older child unable to walk, but in our case it became a key to getting out of the house. Are there things you can’t do because of something like my situation? Don’t give up!! I did for a long time, I thought I had no alternative. My sons classroom last year had a stroller donated to them by chance, and Mr. Christian fell in love! I had to make some phone calls, such as my insurance company and the pediatrician. That’s all it took to get the ball rolling, and of course we had an evaluation with the OT folks. Now my kid has what he needs to be outside safely and thank goodness. Being at home and never getting to go out is tedious. Sometimes finding the answer requires help, and finding help is easy enough on the web.

Call the doctor and bounce the problem off of them. Maybe ask to have an appointment with a OT. They have a wealth of equipment on hand that you and your loved one and play around with. We’d never thought to check out a stroller for my son because I had no idea they actually made them that big. I decided to get a subscription for a OT equipment magazine. If you get in touch with any occupational therapist they can get you a magazine that has a subscription card inside it. Even easier you can find them online too. Sit down and really think about what you really need help with.

Sometimes pica is the issue (eating non edible things) or maybe other more physical self-injurious things are making life difficult, there is help. Don’t let things go and think there is nothing you can do because there is. Ask for help, search on your computer, or call the doc. Sometimes the solution isn’t something you would have ever thought of on your own.