There is no cure for what is not sick nor can you can you fix what is not broken. That sounds really simple. It is complicated, this motherhood job of mine. I am compelled to protect my children, but the world is at times stacked against me. My oldest is bipolar with more than just a touch of ADHD. The second child was landed with that same diagnosis but believe me when I tell you those two are night and day! The third son he seemed to be hit the heaviest with the severe autism, severe MR, and yep go figure ADHD as well. The fourth son is only six and I hate to think he will end up diagnosed with anything other than being a goofball like his mom. So being mommy in my house calls for something more than the average mommy abilities.

We go to countless doctor appointments, endless pharmacy runs, and the money we spend on adaptive equipment can really take a toll. I have to be honest and admit I have moments I think I’m falling all apart. Happy to say those moments are few and far between because being a mommy is something I always wanted to be. I’m not disappointed that my kids are who they are (I believe God doesn’t make mistakes!). Even though things can get hard I never find myself ready to quit (scream yes, quit no). Bad days may come but they’re gone just as fast.

This is my life and these are my strapping boys. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My oldest had the most difficult time behaving in school, but he graduated all the same! At present he is combing over what trade schools interest him the most. My second son learns at a bit slower pace, but he’s an A B student  with a near perfect behavior record in class. He has his future planned out all neat and tidy. My third son may be autistic but he brings so much love to my life. Just when I think I’m all out of what it takes he reminds me why I can’t give up. My youngest is six so you know he’s all over everything all at one time. Its sheer chaos but it is my life and I wouldn’t change it for gold.

I don’t search for a cure because we don’t need one. Maybe having so much going on at the same time is the only way we would have it. I can’t wrap my mind around quiet; I like all this noise. I don’t mind my son getting up almost every night long before the dawn because I’m a raging insomniac; so meh it’s okeydokey. I don’t regret having to advocate for my oldest sons education because I learned how to fight a well oiled machine. That same fight has prepared me to ensure my second son has a great education even with his special needs. Having Christian in my life gives me an unconditional love that most people only dream about. And the youngest? Well who doesn’t adore a six-year-old with big fatty cheeks!!

We don’t want a cure, we don’t need a cure, we want awareness, and we need acceptance 🙂 Just smile when we walk past you. Don’t offer advice if I didn’t ask you for any. Support the people around you who have a handicapped loved one and ask yourself if there is something you could do to REALLY HELP them. It is doubtful that a genuine cure will ever be found. If we harness all our energy and time imagine how many great things we could achieve in this world together.