The Cottage Proposal

I took some time to edit and rewrite this short story and I invite you to read this in its newness 🙂


The Cottage Proposal

Lord David Redman, the Earl of Redman Manor stood at his study window watching his daughter canter up on one of her many prized horses. He loved her as only a devoted father could love their daughter, but Elisa was a hoyden child. Her hair was a long lovely shade of silver blonde, her eyes a fantastic sharp baby blue, with high aristocratic cheekbones, and full pink lips. She was beautiful, just as her mother had been. Even as fair as she looked, his daughter was nothing short of a handful. She was always speaking her mind and running off to her precious stables. Never was she found sitting nice and ladylike in a parlor at tea time. He was truly at his wit’s end on handling this child of his! His late wife had been so kind and very sweet, a real people pleasing person. When their daughter…

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Never Give Up

Over the years my husband and I have stressed out, we all do. With my son sometimes just going to the store can be very stressful! In the past my husband has carried our son when we were out, but he’s 12y old now so that just isn’t happening anymore. We have things on hand for his sensory issues like special objects to squeeze or chew on. Sometimes nothing helps our son and we are forced to remain home or one of us sit out in the car. I never thought about finding something to carry our ambulatory son around in, but man I am seriously glad we did! A stroller, how simple can that be. Now we can go anywhere and have zero behaviors. No more flopping to the ground like a boned fish and screaming until we kart him back to the car. We have gone on a picnic, a McDonalds play area, and even the zoo thanks to that very handy stroller.

Its considered adaptive equipment for an older child unable to walk, but in our case it became a key to getting out of the house. Are there things you can’t do because of something like my situation? Don’t give up!! I did for a long time, I thought I had no alternative. My sons classroom last year had a stroller donated to them by chance, and Mr. Christian fell in love! I had to make some phone calls, such as my insurance company and the pediatrician. That’s all it took to get the ball rolling, and of course we had an evaluation with the OT folks. Now my kid has what he needs to be outside safely and thank goodness. Being at home and never getting to go out is tedious. Sometimes finding the answer requires help, and finding help is easy enough on the web.

Call the doctor and bounce the problem off of them. Maybe ask to have an appointment with a OT. They have a wealth of equipment on hand that you and your loved one and play around with. We’d never thought to check out a stroller for my son because I had no idea they actually made them that big. I decided to get a subscription for a OT equipment magazine. If you get in touch with any occupational therapist they can get you a magazine that has a subscription card inside it. Even easier you can find them online too. Sit down and really think about what you really need help with.

Sometimes pica is the issue (eating non edible things) or maybe other more physical self-injurious things are making life difficult, there is help. Don’t let things go and think there is nothing you can do because there is. Ask for help, search on your computer, or call the doc. Sometimes the solution isn’t something you would have ever thought of on your own.

An upcoming event!

I’m going to be in downtown Lafayette, IN at the old movie house on the corner of N. 6th st and Main st on December 8th, 2013! I will have a table set from 12 pm to 5 pm 🙂 for details on getting your signed copy of either a paperback and a hardback and introducing an ecard for digital download of The Chadwick Bride go to !!


The Chadwick Bride!

I’m ecstatic to announce my latest historical romance is officially available for purchase! Feel free to hop on over to my website to buy a copy today or head over to my facebook page to keep up on all the details  🙂 I will be updating my autism awareness blog with a new blog on the benifits of thinking outside the box on adaptive equipment use! keep well all

Pre-order is now available!

Head to my website to pre-order The Chadwick Bride, I will still be donating to the autism society part of my book sales, thanks everyone! My website is located at 

The Chadwick Bride cover!

The Chadwick Bride cover!

Here is the cover reveal for my book set for release next month!

My imagination

My imagination

Dare to dream and learn to live them!

I Don’t Search For A Cure

There is no cure for what is not sick nor can you can you fix what is not broken. That sounds really simple. It is complicated, this motherhood job of mine. I am compelled to protect my children, but the world is at times stacked against me. My oldest is bipolar with more than just a touch of ADHD. The second child was landed with that same diagnosis but believe me when I tell you those two are night and day! The third son he seemed to be hit the heaviest with the severe autism, severe MR, and yep go figure ADHD as well. The fourth son is only six and I hate to think he will end up diagnosed with anything other than being a goofball like his mom. So being mommy in my house calls for something more than the average mommy abilities.

We go to countless doctor appointments, endless pharmacy runs, and the money we spend on adaptive equipment can really take a toll. I have to be honest and admit I have moments I think I’m falling all apart. Happy to say those moments are few and far between because being a mommy is something I always wanted to be. I’m not disappointed that my kids are who they are (I believe God doesn’t make mistakes!). Even though things can get hard I never find myself ready to quit (scream yes, quit no). Bad days may come but they’re gone just as fast.

This is my life and these are my strapping boys. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My oldest had the most difficult time behaving in school, but he graduated all the same! At present he is combing over what trade schools interest him the most. My second son learns at a bit slower pace, but he’s an A B student  with a near perfect behavior record in class. He has his future planned out all neat and tidy. My third son may be autistic but he brings so much love to my life. Just when I think I’m all out of what it takes he reminds me why I can’t give up. My youngest is six so you know he’s all over everything all at one time. Its sheer chaos but it is my life and I wouldn’t change it for gold.

I don’t search for a cure because we don’t need one. Maybe having so much going on at the same time is the only way we would have it. I can’t wrap my mind around quiet; I like all this noise. I don’t mind my son getting up almost every night long before the dawn because I’m a raging insomniac; so meh it’s okeydokey. I don’t regret having to advocate for my oldest sons education because I learned how to fight a well oiled machine. That same fight has prepared me to ensure my second son has a great education even with his special needs. Having Christian in my life gives me an unconditional love that most people only dream about. And the youngest? Well who doesn’t adore a six-year-old with big fatty cheeks!!

We don’t want a cure, we don’t need a cure, we want awareness, and we need acceptance 🙂 Just smile when we walk past you. Don’t offer advice if I didn’t ask you for any. Support the people around you who have a handicapped loved one and ask yourself if there is something you could do to REALLY HELP them. It is doubtful that a genuine cure will ever be found. If we harness all our energy and time imagine how many great things we could achieve in this world together.

I would rather you asked.

Nothing frustrates me more than being at Wal-Mart with my son Christian and having people pretend they’re not staring. Just like the title of this blog, I would rather you asked. I don’t mind your curiosity about my son, after all it’s just human nature to be curious. I DO mind when you look then quickly look away, hoping I won’t speak to you. Believe it or not when I’m out shopping making a new friend isn’t high on my to do list either. I’m not going to disappear and my son isn’t going to stop being autistic so let’s find some middle ground shall we?

I’m all about awareness and maybe you’re unaware of autism. As an ASD(autism spectrum disorder) parent you may might think that’s not possible. The truth is there are some people who are not impacted by autism. Some people have heard the word but don’t have any clear idea what autism is and that’s ok. It’s ok because finding out is very easy to do. My son in particular is severe and he is also a dual diagnosis, adding severe mental retardation into the mix. He is nonverbal but that doesn’t mean he’s quiet! Lol actually he’s quite animated in noise making believe me. I can’t tell you how many times we have been walking through a store and the people around me cover their ears (I can’t help but laugh at least a little)! Imagine hearing that all the time is my typical response.

I think I can speak for most people when I say that I don’t mind being looked at. It’s your reaction after I notice you that either hurts or makes me feel ok. You could smile and let me know your not bothered by me and my amazing son. You could ask about my son. Heck bragging is fun for most moms!! When you behave like I’m an eyesore with my son or that my child is maimed, that’s what I hate!! I don’t bite and my son isn’t contagious. He isn’t contagious today, tomorrow, or any other day. So maybe, just maybe you could try not feigning as if you didn’t look at us when he made that strange sound, when he began rocking awkwardly in the shopping cart, or when he snatches food like a mad man off a shelf. I don’t expect you to take us home with you but can I get a bit more respect in your presence?

I refuse to hide him at home. I and many others will not allow state institutions and/or asylums to return. Lets face it guys we are not going away any time soon. The next time you see someone out with their kid and something seems “off”, try smiling at them or hey maybe just ask. We have to live together, so let’s make it easier on one another. Just a thought from an ASD parent, much love to all! :-)

Editing Has Begun!

I received an email letting me know my historical romance “The Chadwick Bride” is now being edited! I’m excited to start the finishing touches to finally have my book ready for purchase. This is the beginning of a new life for me and I am thrilled to share it with everyone. As soon as I hear from my editing manager next month I will post more news for everyone. I will also be plugging in with The Autism Society of Indiana and expect to be frequenting many of their events all across Indiana. I am very passionate about my writing projects and my belief in spreading awareness and furthering research for both the individuals on the autism spectrum and their families! I will be donating part of every sale of this book to the before mentioned organization. This is such a wonderful opportunity to make new friends, share ideas on autism/treatment, and seeing new places. I will post dates, times, and locations of all the events I plan to be at. I will also be holding a booth to sign my book and plan to bring my son Christian to as many of the events I possibly can. I hope to see you there!